Corporate Portrait

Corporate Portrait

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Professional business + Linkedin portraits

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Corporate portraits are perfect for businesses wanting to portray professionalism and knowledge to help them stand out in their industry. Used primarily on company websites and LinkedIn profiles, these portraits are tailored to each business and can be more made more serious or friendly. Along with the high-quality images is the added bonus of convenience as the portable studio is brought to you or your office and eliminates any travel time during work hours.

Bulk (5+) corporate shoots for entire staff are start from $100/person + post processing


After the images have been post-processed, a dropbox link with the high (print quality) and low resolution (web use) image files will be emailed to you for you to download directly to your computer.


What happens after I pay?

After you put your order in you can either book your shoot online or wait for me to contact you via email for bulk shoots or more time slots.

How long does it take?

The one-on-one shoots normally take 45-60 minutes including set up and pack down. Bulk corporate shoots normally take 5-10 minutes per person + 30 minutes set up and pack down. Post-processing normally takes an additional 1-2 weeks, depending on retouching.

What do I need to do?

Please have an empty space available for me to work on the day with at least one powerpoint nearby, whether this is a boardroom, office or reception - I need at least 2m x 2m.

For bulk portraits please start organising a schedule for the staff allowing 10 minutes each and ask them to be at the shooting space 5 minutes prior to avoid running overtime.