Casual Portrait

Casual Portrait

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Friendly small business portraits

On a location that suites your business and branding

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Casual portraits are perfect for small businesses wanting to portray professionalism and friendliness to help them stand out in their industry. Used primarily on websites and social media profiles, these portraits are tailored to each business and can be more made more serious or friendly. Along with the high-quality images, the location can be chosen to suit your business, industry, and branding. 

Shoots can be done in pairs for business partners -email me to book at the same time to receive the discount!


After the images have been post-processed, a dropbox link with the high (print quality) and low resolution (web use) image files will be emailed to you for you to download directly to your computer.


What happens after I pay?

After you put your order in you can either book your shoot online or wait for me to contact you via email for partnered shoots or more time slots.

How long does it take?

The one-on-one shoots normally take 30-45 minutes depending on travel time to the location. Whereas, partnered shoots normally take roughly an hour. Post-processing normally takes an additional 1-2 weeks, depending on retouching.

What do I need to do?

If you have a location in mind please don't hesitate to email me with your ideas. Otherwise, I will be in contact after stalking your business and branding with some local locations I think could work for you.