Gold Branding Suite

Gold Branding Suite


One on one in person consultation

Custom logo design

Approx 10 design concepts

Maximum 5 reviews

Mini mark and/or watermark

Brand Profile and Colour guide

Custom business card design

Choice of matte or gloss finish

250 x high quality printed business cards

Custom gift voucher card design

250 x high quality printed gift vouchers

Custom loyalty/referral card design

250 x Quality printed loyalty/referral cards

Personal Delivery within Perth, WA

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Why Branding?

Your branding is the first impression you give to your customers. It helps you to build your business’ reputation and your vision for the future which inspires trust and loyalty from your viewers and gives them an image or idea to connect with. A strong brand affects everything from pricing and quality to perception.  

Free Consultation

All creatives work in different ways so I believe it’s important to meet each other, whether it's in person at a local cafe or over the phone. I offer consultations because it helps both of us get a better understanding of your brand, and if you're not sure what your brand is, this is the perfect time for us to figure it out together. 

Logo Designs

A logo is the heart of your brand condensed down to its simplest form. Its main purpose is to identify your business and be easily recognised and remembered by your viewers. Normally taking on the shape of a mark, icon or typography, the meaning behind the logo is considered more important than what it looks like. This is because your logo takes on its Identity by what you use it for and what you do with it.

Brand Profile

With every logo design, you are given a brand profile. This is a document you can use to guide everything you brand and includes your colour schemes, fonts, mini mark/icons, watermarks etc, like social media imagery, packaging, merchandise and promotional materials.

Business Cards

Business cards are your key to customers; they're what connects them to your business and products/services by giving them the information to do so. Your business cards are an essential part of your branding, reflecting your business, what you do and it's quality. Cards unique to your business and what you offer can be the difference between being memorable or forgotten in a market flooded by the same industries. That's why your branding suite includes premium quality 90x55mm printed business cards on thick 350gm smooth artboard stock, with your choice of matte or gloss coating.

More business cards (max 1,000) and embellishments like die cut, spot UV, embossing and foiling etc can be added to the design at your expense. 

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are great for marketing. They are perfect for customers to buy as gifts for your services/products or add more to your Suite and buy a bulk pack for a Letterbox Drop to attract new Business. Designed, custom to your business, your vouchers are the industry standard 1 sided, DL sized Gift Cards. Professionally printed on luxury 350gsm stock making them impressively durable. 

More gift vouchers (max 2,000) and individual numbering can be added to the design at your expense.

Loyalty and Referral Cards

Referral and loyalty cards are great for both bringing in new customers and old ones. Like the business cards, they are custom designed to match your branding and printed on premium quality 90x55mm, thick 350gm smooth artboard stock. The only difference is the coating, so they can be easily written on these cards don't need to be matte or gloss coated.

Like the business cards, you have the option of ordering more and adding embellishments at your expense.


If you're a Perth local I offer free personal delivery! If not, don't stress I am happy to post it too at your expense.


What happens after I pay?

Once I receive your order, I will contact you via email to book your consultation in and discuss more details about your business.

How long does it take?

To complete all of the designs it takes roughly two weeks, this also depends on our correspondence and how many revisions we need to make. Printing normally takes an additional 1-2 weeks, depending on any added quantity or embellishments.

What do I need to do?

After you put your order in you can either book your consultation online or wait for me to contact you via email. Prior to our consultation, I recommend reading through the branding section of my blog, this will help you prepare for our consultation and get an idea of how I work. If you aren't sure of your brand you can always download my free guide to discovering your brand which is what we will be working through together during the consult, so don't stress if you get stuck.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

This service is 100% Australian designed and printed.