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Pilbara Branding Photography


When you don’t get to see the inner workings of your business very often it can be hard to see what does and doesn’t need improving. This is the case for most larger companies with offices and workspaces all over Australia. Recently I was hired to take branding images for a new website showcasing a company in the Pilbara. My main goal was to capture images that showcased their yard and their brand. Branding images are immediately recognisable to the company and are almost impossible to steal which makes them a valuable asset to businesses that want to be found on social media and easily remembered by customers. The Pilbara is a diverse area with many businesses in the same industry, this makes it increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily for most businesses in the Pilbara region, it can be easier to reach and engage with potential customers as long as you are able to build up trust and have quality branding that enables you to do so.

These images were able to show not only potential customers what they do but the higher ups what work needed to be done. You’ll notice below that their signage and branding isn’t very consistent and somewhat outdated. However these images where still created in such away that they still work to the company’s advantage and let them plan for the future.

What Do I Pack When I Travel For Photography

I have had a lot of messages asking what I travel with when I do commercial and tourism photography lately so here’s a breakdown of my equipment list.

Every photographer is different, I always take more than what I need. I like to be over prepared because I'm not shooting in a studio and I'm usually not familiar with the location I'm shooting in. I also like to have options when I'm shooting especially for when creativity strikes. So first up I pack what I like to call all the safe gear - this is the gear that I know for sure I need from the brief I get from my clients. Most of the time it's just my normal setup; my camera, 2 lenses, flash and extra batteries. Although when I have landscapes and aerials on my brief like most tourism photography jobs my gear kit is normally:

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13”

  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet

  • Hard drives (back ups)

  • Nikon D610

  • Nikon D90 (Back up)

  • DJI Mavic Pro

  • 2 x Go Pro 3+ with various attachments

  • Nikon Speedlite

  • Main Sigma Lens

  • 85mm 1.4 Sigma Lens

  • Extra Batteries and Memory Cards

  • Gitzo Mountaineer Tripod with a Manfrotto 3 way pan head

  • Lee Filters Neutral Density Filters

  • Polarising filter

  • Polar Pro Mavic ND and Polarising filter

  • Remote Timer

  • Waterproof camera bags

  • Assorted sized bags

  • Several Battery Packs

  • Power board and charges

  • Batteries and memory cards

I get asked a lot why I bring a back up camera. For me it's professional and something I think every commercial photographer should have. You'd hate to rock up for the job and have your primary camera malfunction and not be able to do the job once you get there. Although my secondary camera isn't the idea camera for the job, it will get it done. Having a backup isn't just a good thing for the job but it's also less embarrassing in front of your clients as you don't have to tell them you can't do the job they flew you over for.

My gear always takes priority so my airline baggage normally looks like a huge suitcase full of camera gear, a small duffle bag for myself and I carry a backpack with my main camera body and two lenses as carry on - just to be safe.




Preparing For Your Free Consultation

All creatives work in different ways so I believe it’s important to meet each other, whether its in person or over the phone. I offer free consultations as it helps both of us understand how each other work and if we are a good fit to work together. These are just a few things I’ve found help us keep on track and make the most of the hour.

To best prepare for this session:

Bring a list of services and questions you may want to enquire about

All my services and pricing are available on my service pages of my website. If your unsure on what budget you may need to work with and what services you want, this is a good place to start. Having a list for the meeting will make it easier to remember what you would like to ask me about and help me figure out what your business needs.

Think about your budget

Graphic design is an investment for your business as it instantly provides a professional and quality perspective for your customers. The cost for design and printing can be found on my website but printing embellishments such as raised print and foiling quantity need to be done by quote so you need to consider your budget if you want additional embellishments. Having a rough budget in mind before I get to work certainly helps the design process as I can design and print within it. 

Be prepared to talk 

Be prepared to talk about the values of your business and why you are in business, my job is to represent your business and it’s branding. The aim of my designs are to be a direct reflection of your business’ style and personality as well as a representation of what your business stands for and it’s core values - this is why I prefer to meet you face to face so I can get a feel for both you and your brand.

Want an idea of what I'm going to ask you? Download my FREE branding guide here.

Bring some Promotional Material

It’s important for all of your promotional material like brochures, business cards, banners, price lists, menus etc to be well branded and consistent so they are instantly recognisable to your business and makes you easier to remember. If you already have some please feel free to bring them in and we can make sure any new designs work with what you already have or whether they may need an update.


Book a Free Consultation



Can I bring my children?

Of course you can, I work with a lot of Mum’s so I completely understand how difficult getting out for coffee and a chat can be. I’m more than happy to go to a child friendly cafe or even your home if you feel more comfortable.

Where can we meet?

Most consultations I provide are held at a local cafes, this offers us both a comfortable area to meet and enjoy a drink but I am more than happy to meet at your workplace or home.