Pilbara Branding Photography


When you don’t get to see the inner workings of your business very often it can be hard to see what does and doesn’t need improving. This is the case for most larger companies with offices and workspaces all over Australia. Recently I was hired to take branding images for a new website showcasing a company in the Pilbara. My main goal was to capture images that showcased their yard and their brand. Branding images are immediately recognisable to the company and are almost impossible to steal which makes them a valuable asset to businesses that want to be found on social media and easily remembered by customers. The Pilbara is a diverse area with many businesses in the same industry, this makes it increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the crowd. Luckily for most businesses in the Pilbara region, it can be easier to reach and engage with potential customers as long as you are able to build up trust and have quality branding that enables you to do so.

These images were able to show not only potential customers what they do but the higher ups what work needed to be done. You’ll notice below that their signage and branding isn’t very consistent and somewhat outdated. However these images where still created in such away that they still work to the company’s advantage and let them plan for the future.