About Me

Hey there, I'm Jasmine (a.k.a Jazzy + Jaz)

You must be here to fill that gap between you and your customers. 

Feeling a little invisible and overwhelmed, juggling a family, a job, a business and what remains of a social life (pfft... what's that?). You still push through because you love what you do and you have a vision for the future - as is the daily life cycle of the self employed. As a self-confessed #goaldigger, you put 100% into your business and researching, trying to master all the different skills and roles you have to play as a business owner but you still find yourself invisible to customers no matter what you do or how many ads you pay for, your left feeling like there's more you than customers out there.

What you really need is customers and the income side of the business (especially to keep up with all the coffees).

Am I on the right track? 

My clients normally come to me feeling unsure of themselves and their business, exhausted from battling the sea of sameness and the oversaturated online market. 

Many of my clients want to emotionally connect with customers but struggle to communicate using the stereotypical professional persona they feel they have to put on in order to be successful.  

When we work together, I help my clients dig deeper into their business by asking the hard questions and guiding them through discovering their brand. Taking on the sea of sameness together (I dibs being captain!) and creating a plan of attack (with the occasional cannon - sorry the boat puns will stop now #sorrynotsorry) to visually paint the gaps between their business and their customers.

I might be the creative self-proclaimed visual painter for you if you're looking to align your business with your true brand and make authentic and genuine emotional connections with your customers.

My work sometimes looks like...

Supporting #girlbosses and #goaldiggers to discover their genuine brand and embracing what makes them different.

Sometimes, it's creating and capturing the visuals to represent their awesomeness.  

Other times I'm on new adventures, discovering and capturing remote locations.

   Essentially, my work is about making creative, emotional connections. 


actual stuff about me That

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When I'm not working, you'll either find me at the beach, watching netflix with too many Instagram accounts or planning my next adventure.


Tom Price, WA + Nhulunbuy, NT


Breakfast at Tiffany's + Anything Marvel Made


Camping + Road Trips + Swimming + Photography + Calligraphy


Satay Chicken + Pizza + Lasagne + Avocado


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